04 November 2012

Halloween 2012

In an effort to step it up around here, I've decided to post some pictures from our Halloween.  It was a great day.  Out of all of our kids, I think Audrey had the most fun - she got to wear her costume to school and then again, later, to the Trunk or Treat activity at our church.

She wanted to be Tinker Bell this year and really loved her costume!

Then there's Luke... he still isn't very into the fun and magic of the holiday, so we opted for a more low-key costume for him.  Taking inspiration from one of his most prized possessions, his Superman blanket, we came up with a Clark Kent in the middle of his transformation into his true identity.  I really wanted to have Luke wear the dorky, black thick-rimmed glasses to go with his costume, but was also wise enough to know that they would not last 10 seconds on Luke's face, so we skipped that part of Superman's disguise/accessory.

(As you can see, our brief photo shoot was ending at just about the right time for Luke's patience!)

And last, but not least:  Ezra.  We again applied the slacker method to his costume.  We have some footie pajamas that look similar to the suit of a racecar driver, so we threw those on and called it good!

(I love these last two pictures, it looks like he's starting to lose his balance a bit - his eyes are wide, like, "Oh no!  I'm going to fall!"  But then he rights himself and has this cute smug grin.  I love it!)

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