10 October 2011

Good (Great-Taste-in-Music) Genes

A quick story from a few weeks ago.  Adam, Audrey, Luke, and I were out and about, running some errands.  We had gone to a few different places, and before we knew it, dinnertime was upon us.  We had to do a quick Costco run, so as we drove that way I called in for a pizza order, so we could just pick that up with the few other things on the list.  The kids were a little tired, so I just decided to run in on my own, while Adam did a few laps around the parking lot.  I guess, when I got out of the car, the kids started to whine a bit.  Adam was doing his best to drive and try to calm the frazzled nerves.  He began to radio surf.  Audrey quieted and was doing fine - with the soothing aid of her thumb.  Luke's mood was only deteriorating.

And then, Adam changed frequencies again.  And this song came on:

Luke's reaction was instantaneous.  As he heard the opening bars, his whiney-cry turned into a
Butthead-esque breathy chuckle.

Apparently, the kid already has fantastic taste in music.  Just like his mom (if I do say so myself).

I was really sorry that I missed that particular instance.  But, I did enjoy hearing about it when I got back to the car.

(Why are you surprised?  What else were you expecting?)

01 October 2011

Chase Each Udda

Our kids love to run around.  They love active games - anything that involves lots of running, crawling, climbing, swinging, and jumping.  Usually, Audrey will say, "Mom, let's chase each udda."  So we do.  Or sometimes, completely spontaneously, one of my two cuties will simply start to run around and the other will soon follow suit.

Most of the time it's when we are downstairs, in our play room/guest room and they will end up doing laps around the big bed, chasing each udda.  It's awesome!

And they just go.

And go and go.

And the whole time they are giggling and laughing and screaming!

Sometimes they panic a little as their chasing partner comes up faster than expected.

But most of all, it's just fun, fun, fun!

Just as a side note - check out Luke's, like, totally awesome high tops!  I found 'em on clearance over a year ago and I could not NOT buy them for Luke.  I've been (rather impatiently) waiting for him to grow into them!  And they finally fit and they look so cute on him, as an added bonus he has a cool way of stomping around in them that makes it even better!

Sometimes, mid-chase, Audrey will pause and give me a cute smile!

And other times, mid-chase, Luke will stop and give me a mischievous look and then the tables are turned and I become the chased...

or the tackled... depending on how quickly I move!