21 January 2011

It's Been Quiet Around Here...

...and I'm very sorry. I've been a total slacker when it comes to this blog. I've been on top of all of the other areas of my life though.

(I'll leave it to each of you to individually decide if I'm being sincere or sarcastic.)

A few highlights from our recent past:

Christmas was awesome! It was so much fun to see everything through the eyes of our wee ones. Audrey especially since she is now a Christmas expert. It was really cool to be a part of the unbridled excitement that only belongs to very young children!

This was taken just after opening our Christmas Eve Pajammies: Adam got some sa-weet sweats, Luke got a way cool Toy Story 3 set and Audrey a "Napgown" featuring Cinderella...no surprises here!

And even though it's blurry, this next picture has become a favorite because of the HUGE grin on Luke's face while he watches Audrey cavort! A perfect snapshot of those two - they love being together! (Except when they don't!)

With the chaotic activity of the holiday season behind us, we've settled into Winter Cave Mode - only venturing out when it's necessary. It's so cold outside most days, that it's hard to enjoy being outside, especially with the two kiddos. When we do go out it's for specific errands (like groceries and such). Or sometimes we'll try to go and play but that usually lasts about 4and a half minutes before Audrey is begging to go inside and "go get warm" or Luke starts to grunt and growl - a sure sign he's not comfortable or happy.

Audrey begged to go outside and put our umbrella to the test - it was sort of rain-slushing outside...

But was very quickly ready to go back inside and wait for a warmer rainstorm.

(Are you coming, Mom?)

So, we've resigned ourselves to finding ways to be entertained inside. (No small task, mind you.) Most of the time Audrey is at the center of all the fun - Luke is happy to do whatever she wants... for now.

She loves to dress up (especially as Cinderella):

And one of the newer pastimes is dancing in Luke's crib before bedtime:

(The plastic device sitting on the edge of the crib's railing is a little music player that goes inside of a stuffed teddy bear - she hits the play button and commences with her dance recital.)

Do I detect a little Flamenco influence? She's definitely got the flair for it!

We know it's over when she starts to get bored...

it's similar to writing blog posts, really. I'm kinda bored so I know I need to wrap it up!